Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Seaweed Mask: This beautiful blend of organic spirulina, seaweeds and biodynamic lavender hydrosol is incomparable… It is a holistic creation that strengthens the epidermis by re-training the cells and tissues of your skin to respond more youthfully, giving a renewed, healthy glow to your complexion. Rich in a synergy of vitamins and minerals that have a profoundly renewing effect on the upper and lower dermis of your skin, it heals and restores as well deeply rejuvenates. Red marine algae, known for its antiviral properties, aids in circulation, hydration and exfoliation. It will leave your skin feeling beautiful, smooth and firm. All skin types benefit from a regular weekly treatment. (For a deeper cleansing experience, apply directly over Benedetta's Rosemary and Geranium Crème Cleanser.)