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To Purchase Epicuren Products ~

Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio is an official account holder and partner with Epicuren Discovery. Epicuren, in order to maintain quality control over their products, and to ensure their products are properly utilized to achieve beautiful results, requires that their skin care products are never sold directly online to anyone who is not educated in how to properly use them. If you have never been educated in Epicuren products via a facial from an Epicuren certified aesthetician (which includes in-depth skin analysis and product education), please contact Rich Earth directly so we can help set you up for success! If you are already a Rich Earth client, or have received a facial from another Epicuren certified esthetician, you are welcome to use this username: Epicuren and password: richearthdiscovery to purchase Epicuren directly from the Rich Earth website.

Please be advised, if you buy Epicuren products anywhere directly online without the above steps, you are not buying from an official Epicuren partner, and you may be buying inferior, expired, counterfeit, unethically obtained, or over-priced products, or may be choosing products that are not the correct prescription for your particular skin care needs.

Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio is an authorized Epicuren Discovery Account holder and supports Epicuren's wishes by including the following:

• Epicuren products may only be sold by medical doctors and licensed aestheticians in a certified Epicuren Discovery Account Retailer.

• Epicuren face and body products are extraordinarily specific and active treatments. Epicuren represents three decades of commitment to the discovery and development of skin care products designed to produce a fundamental improvement in the health of your skin. Because of Epicuren’s potency, it's important to receive a facial at Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio (which includes an in-depth skin analysis and specific, product education) or a skin analysis by another Epicuren certified aesthetician before purchasing and using Epicuren products at home.

• Epicuren products do not go on sale and are never sold below retail price.

Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio wishes for you to have the best possible results with your Epicuren products! We take extraordinary care to ensure that the right Epicuren products are matched with your skin's singular needs. If you wish to book a facial with Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio, or have any questions, we warmly welcome you to contact us.