(Luxurious… Calming to Your Nerves. Nourishing to Your Skin.)

Citrus Magnolia Body Oil: This oil has been developed as a luxurious, moisturizing, super food for your skin. Richly concentrated with almond oil, sunflower, sesame, wheat germ, and an exquisite, proprietary blend of essential oils, it is deeply nourishing to your skin and calming to your nerves. This singular body oil is also enriched with coconut oil infused with magnolia flower from Tahiti (manoi) to provide extra moisture power. It is deeply soothing to your skin when applied after shaving, waxing or sugaring hair removal. Massaging in the oil after bathing will lock in moisture and provide lasting hydration for your skin, as well as provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Regularly massaging this oil into your skin stimulates blood flow, helps tone your skin and helps to releases toxins. Take time to massage in the oil from the base of your skull down to your toes making circular motions around your main joints as you go. Don’t forget your belly, too, in a clock-wise direction. Apply several drops with your regular body cream or body oil application, or massage the Citrus Magnolia Body Oil directly into your skin with a few mists of the Sukha Rose-Hydrosol Mist.
4 ounces - $32 - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT 2 ounces - $16 - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT