Regular exfoliation brings out the vibrancy and smoothness of your skin. Use an exfoliating masque I to 4 times per week after cleansing, depending on the needs of your skin


Sulphuric Exfoliator: Softly exfoliating treatment of zinc, sulphur and peppermint oil. Calms and heals breakouts. Gently clarifies and balances while helping to smooth out lines. Leaves behind soothed, restored skin. Beautiful for break-out-prone skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and fine lines.
1.7 ounces $52
AHA Fruit Peel (Part One): This supremely stimulating, biological peel with fruit acids (20% AHA) has an amazing result with nearly every skin type or skin problem. A regenerating wonder, it offers countless benefits, including restructuring your skin…cleansing it inside and out as if it were reborn; reducing inflammation; improving your blood circulation and the functions of your circulation system and refining your skin’s surface. The AHA Fruit Peel is rich in apple, grape, naseberry, fruit acids, malic acid, lemon balm oil, lactic acid, pectins and vitamin E. The AHA fruit peel is meant to be layered under the Paprika Gel Treatment.
1.7 ounces $78
Paprika Gel Treatment (Part Two): This robust, potent masque revitalizes your entire complexion. It is the “go to” masque to use before important events as it leaves your skin velvety, firm, fresh and glowing. (It is a powerful catalyst as well, as it increases the potency of the AHA Fruit Peel layered under it.) It provides an astounding number of benefits, including: increased healthy cellular metabolism as well as blood and lymph circulation, which gives you a healthier, more luminous complexion; accelerated collagen formation, which increases facial firmness; potent anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects and improved nutrient and oxygen intake. The Hungarian Paprika Gel Treatment is rich in st. john’s wort, sage, walnut leaf, horsetail, marsh mallow, Hungarian cherry pepper, lavender oil, honey, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, trace elements, Vitamins B2 and C. The Hungarian Paprika Gel Treatment is meant to be layered over the top of the AHA Fruit Peel. (This masque will feel tingly and will leave your skin rosy for a short while after application. This is a normal, expected and healthy skin response to the masque.) 
1.7 ounces. $52