Highly potent, active, herbal infusions that bring concentrated benefits to your skin. Apply the ilike serum of your choice after misting your skin with an ilike toner or a high quality hydrating mist or hydrosol.


Q10 Serum: this exquisite treatment serum compensates for oil deficiency, leaving your skin nourished, calmed and replenished. Rich with evening primrose oil, grapseseed oil and marjoram oil, it is particularly luscious for dry and sensitive skin. Add a few drops to your daily and nightly moisturizer, to your weekly treatment mask, and to your eye cream. (This serum is particularly lovely for under the eyes.) Gorgeously beneficial for nearly all dry skin types. 
Hyaluronic Serum: Rich in horsetail, yucca, marshmallow, ginkgo, calendula, shea butter, and the deep replenishment of sodium hyaluronic, this serum boosts your skin’s natural moisture barrier, helps to reduce the appearance of lines, encourages radiance and leaves your skin velvet-soft. Deeply beneficial for nearly every skin type, from oily to dehydrated. Apply a thin layer under your moisturizer both day and night (or use as a moisturizer, depending on the needs of your skin). 
1.2 ounces $119