Regular use of ilike treatment masques deepen the health of your skin and improve hydration and elasticity. Apply the treatment masque of your choice 1 to 4 times per week after cleansing and exfoliating.


Fibrous Stonecrop Gel Masque: Lush, regenerating, healing and brightening. Crafted from the stonecrop plant…centuries-old healing treatment that reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Leaves the skin vitalized and healthy. Outstanding for hyperpigmented skin, acne scars, dehydrated skin, imbalanced skin, combination skin, devitalized skin, and most all skin types. 
1.7 ounces $48 - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
Sour Cherry Gel Masque: Delightfully concocted from potent, anti-oxidant rich sour cherries and lemons. Combats the damaging effects of free radicals. Stimulates vital skin functions. The complexion achieves a radiant glow. Beautiful for large pores, dehydrated skin, normal skin, and nearly all skin types. 
1.7 ounces $52 - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
Hyaluronic Gel Mask: Rich in horsetail, yucca, marshmallow, ginkgo, algae and deeply replenishing sodium hyaluronic, this lush gel mask richly hydrates and reduces lines while encouraging radiance and velvet-soft skin. Beneficial for dry skin, dehydrated skin, mature skin, as well as nearly every skin type.
1.7 ounces $68