The Phyto-Infusion serums are replete with active, collagen stimulating plant ingredients that support your skin’s revitalization process, as well as nutrients to add vitality and radiance. They also offer the protection needed to prevent and slow down your skin’s aging.

While the Phyto-Infusion serums can be applied alone, each one will perform more optimally when layered over the top of the Emerald Sun Hydrosol.

Phyto-Infusion I&II: Truly revitalizing facial serums infused with plant peptides that provide collagen boosting support and potent, regenerating antioxidants to actively repair skin damage and protect and prevent future damage. Both serums are richly infused with essential phyto nutrients to actively support dynamic, positive change in your skin. Exquisite ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea, rooibos, ginseng, rice peptides, wheat peptides, soy peptides, lavender, CoQ10, carrot extract, goji berry extract, aspen bark extract, acai extract, neroli distillate, jasmine oil, blue lotus oil, buriti oil, and a complete abundance of highly active, deeply beneficial herbs and essential oils.

Phyto-Infusion I
for most dry, normal and sensitive skin types. 
30ml $116


Phyto-Infusion II
for most oily, normal and sensitive skin types.