Twelve Steps To Clear Skin:

facial-head-down11. Always cleanse thoroughly before bed. Cleanse 2 or 3 times if your skin needs it, but never use a cleanser that “dries out” your skin. (Drying skin care products actually cause an imbalance in your skin as well as increase your skin’s sensitivity, and this will not help.) If you wear make-up, always cleanse your skin at least twice before bed. (I  like these cleansers or this cleanser.)

2. Exfoliate gently and regularly. Usually between one and four times per week is best. Always exfoliate after you cleanse. One of the characteristics of breakout-prone skin is that it has a build-up of clogging, dead skin cells accumulating in the pores. This clogging build-up is how breakouts begin. Good, gentle exfoliation either sloughs away or dissolves this build-up. (I like these exfoliating products.)

3. A high-quality, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory skin care product is a huge help. It works to immediately stop the progress of an active breakout. (I love this spot treatment.) Be cautious of longer-term use of most of the standard blemish products on the market (like ones with benzoyl peroxide, etc). They can be okay to use short term on a small area (although they are generally not my first choice) but because they are usually drying and don’t work towards building over-all skin health, long-term use can be problematic.

4. Regular use of a high-quality, hydrating skin care product is a must. (Ideally this is a deeply penetrating, water-rich mist or serum that does not clog pores.) Good hydration calms and balances the oil glands that are over-producing. (This aloe vera calming gel gets the job done.) You may want to apply a non-clogging moisturizer over the top of your hydrating product, if your skin needs it. (I like the sulphuric whipped moisturizer or the Brazilian propolis lotion  for helping breakout to heal.)

5. A high-quality sun protection product will help to reduce acne-scaring (the dark spot that can remain long after a pimple has healed). Mineral sun protection (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) is often most compatible for break-out-prone skin. (Here is an option.)

6. If you wear any make-up base (even powder) regularly, remember that most foundations contain waxes, oils or binders that can make breakouts worse. Its best to go make-up free if you can. If you must wear make-up, try using  high-quality mineral make-up. Make sure that all of your applicators are cleaned and/or replaced regularly.

7. Sleep on your back as much as you can. Change your pillowcase often. (Sometimes breakouts will show up exactly where your face is pressed against the pillow or mattress all night.)

8. Try not to touch your face throughout the day. Keep your cell phone and anything else that must touch your face as clean as you can. (“No picking” is sage advise as well.)

9. If you exercise regularly (and work up a sweat), be sure to  have clean skin before you begin your workout, and be sure to cleanse your skin as soon as you can after your workout is done. (Regular exercise is generally great for your skin.)

10. These three tips are incredibly simple, yet  they do make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your skin:

  • Enjoy plentiful, replenishing sleep every night;
  • Drink generous amounts of high-quality water;
  • Eat the best diet for you.

11. Receive a facial. A good aesthetician will be able to recommend a beneficial  home care regime as well as give you a treatment that speeds your skin’s recovery.

12. If your breakouts are triggered by an internal cause, such as:

that cause must be fully addressed in order to overcome the breakouts. A good, home skin care regime  and regular facials will help, but in order to heal your breakouts completely you’ll need to heal your insides, too.  A visit to a good naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist,  holistic MD, etc,. is a good place to start.

Some individuals have included laser treatments in their healing regimes. If you choose this route, its essential that you work with an excellent laser clinic that owns multiple, high-quality lasers, and truly understands how to best use them, as well as how to best treat your particular type of skin, especially if you have darker skin.  (A well-administered laser treatment can be more precise than a chemical peel.)

more tips here…

With some patience, and a willingness to make changes, your clear, balanced skin will emerge. Don’t lose heart.

tipping-tulipspeace and cheers,

.Marna Herrington
Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio
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