LEELA (Goddess of Divine Play, Spontaneity and Joy)

LEELA (Goddess of Divine Play, Spontaneity and Joy)


Leela facial oil provides extra hydration to help skin stay moist and firm. If we keep our skin hydrated, we also help prevent collagen loss. Because this elixir is so hydrating it will support your skin in becoming stronger and smoother. It will also encourage better tone. The goddess Leela embodies a creative force that opens us to our natural instinct for play. The gift of care-free spontaneity brings us closer to what we innately love. 
½ ounce

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What kind of skin is this product for? 
  • Normal to dry skin
How to use this product: 
Add about 1 to 6 drops of facial oil to your moisturizer application.

Learn more about Sukha organic skin care and see all the Sukha products available: The purest ingredients possible are sought (oils that are cold-pressed, organic and wild) to achieve the best nutrition for your skin. All Sukha skin care products are created by hand in small batches...

Ingredients: hazelnut oil, jojoba, squalene, vetiver, sandalwood, myrtle, rosewood, neroli, linden blossom and carrot

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