Radiant Light Serum

Radiant Light Serum


This gorgeous serum harnesses the healing support of vitamin C, kakadu plum extract, licorice root extract and uva ursi extract to help brighten, balance and create an even, glowing complexion. Also rich in resveratrol, aloe vera juice and vitamin E, this beautiful serum infuses your skin with hydration and age-preventative benefits as well.


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What type of skin is this product for?
Beneficial for nearly all skin types, but particularly good for:
• Skin in need of over-all brightening and more of a glow (oily, normal or dry)
• Skin prone to uneven tone, discolorations or hyperpigmentation (oily, normal or dry)

Tips for getting the most out of this skin care product:
While your skin is still moist from your toner, hydrosol or hydrating mist application, apply a layer of serum. Follow with moisturizer and facial oil as needed. This product will help to brighten and balance skin more effectively when used consistently, every AM and PM.

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Ingredients: aloe vera juice,  carrageenan(from seaweed), squalane (from plants), plant derived glucose/fructose,  xanthan gum(from fermented sugar),  aloe vera juice, camellia seed oil, kakadu plum extract, uva ursi extract, purnarnava root extract, vitamin C ester, beta glucan, jojoba oil, licorice root extract,  aspen bark extract,  resveratrol (from grape skin),  carrot seed CO2 extract,  vitamin E oil; sandalwood oil, lavender oil,  hydrogenated lecithin, rosemary extract

Please see the skin care product packaging to ensure the most up to date and accurate ingredient list.