Exquisite skin oils to complete your skin’s nourishment and to deepen your glow. The exceptional crowning touch…

Sukha is a Sanskrit word that means happiness, pleasure, delight. It is said that when a Sanskrit word is spoken, a vibration is created that corresponds with its meaning. When you say Sukha you are actually creating waves of happiness and pleasure. Sukha skin care products are crafted with a love for plant medicine and a passion for the art of aromatherapy. The purest ingredients possible are sought (oils that are cold-pressed, organic and wild) to achieve the best nutrition for your skin. Sukha has established relationships with suppliers who work directly with smaller stills to insure proper treatment and purity of the raw materials. In addition, local supplies are sought whenever possible. All Sukha skin care products are created by hand in small batches in Oregon. They are made in a calm and meditative environment with the intention for the well-being of all who come in contact with them. Sukha skin care products are tested only on human friends, never ever on animals.


The Sukha Skin Care Regimen ~

Sukha oils may be added to your regular moisturizer (just one to five drops per application is all that is needed) or massaged directly into your skin along with a light misting of the Sukha Rose Hydrosol Mist.

It is best to use all Sukha facial oils in rotation. Since skin will accommodate or get used to any rejuvenating substance over time, it works well to change formulas periodically. This will keep all skin functions in healthy action. Choose a new formula when you finish one full bottle or at the close of a season.


The essential oils are what make Sukha blends potent and specific… They contain complex compounds that provide some of the most rejuvenating elements know to human kind…All of these formulas enhance cell regeneration, keeping the skin fresh and alive.
— Sita Flammer, Aesthetician and Sukha Developer