Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Seaweed Mask

Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Seaweed Mask


This beautiful blend of organic spirulina, seaweeds and biodynamic lavender hydrosol is incomparable… It is a holistic creation that provides a synergy of profoundly renewing vitamins and minerals that infuse your complexion with a healthy glow. It heals and restores as well deeply rejuvenates. Red marine algae, known for its antiviral properties, aids in circulation, hydration and exfoliation. This therapeutic treatment will leave your skin feeling beautiful, smooth and firm.

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Who is this product for?
Nearly every skin type benefits from this mask, but it is especially good for:
• Breakout-prone skin
• Sensitive, breakout-prone skin
• Oily skin
• Skin prone to enlarged/clogged pores

Tips for getting the most out of this product: After removing make-up and cleansing (and possibly exfoliating, if needed), blend seaweed powder and lavender hydrosol together and apply to entire face. (For a deeper purifying mask experience, apply Seaweed Mask over a thin layer of the Rosemary and Geranium Crème Cleanser.) Allow mask to dry completely (about 20 minutes or so). Remove gently with a wet wash cloth. Apply mask once a week.

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Ingredients: Lithothamnium Calcareum (mineral rich red algae extract) • Laminaria Digitata (brown algae) • Arthrospira platensis(spirulina/blue green algae) •  Chondrus crispus (red lichen marine algae/carageen Irish moss) • Lavandula angustifolia ( lavender hydrosol)

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