Additions may be added to any facial or any treatment for enhanced benefits. (Each addition may add about 15 minutes each to your appointment.)

light LED light.jpg

LED Light Therapy
Non-invasive, gentle, therapeutic light that stimulates a healing response in your skin…ultimately helping to restore your skin’s natural collagen production, increase your skin’s natural moisture production, reduce redness and sensitivity, and support clear, blemish-free skin. 
approximately 15 minutes | $20

lymphatic drainage addition.jpg

Lymphatic Drainage
Helps to ease away puffiness, bags and dark circles, while gently supporting healthy detoxification and boosting your immune system. Can even help to calm the nervous system. 
approximately 15 minutes | $20

Reiki Addition.jpg

Subtle and profound, this energy work can open the door to deeper relaxation. Reiki can help to harmonize the self with the universal energy, connecting you with a healing, vital life force. This can help to increase relaxation and healing, as well as help to  restore over-all well-being.
approximately 15 minutes  | $20

Our Spirit needs a few things from us: Attention, Beauty, Learning, Delight, and Reverence for the Great Mystery we live in. I invite you to pledge a few moments each day to feed these nutrients to your Spirit.
— Ana Forrest