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Homeward Bound
Two longtime friends discover unique repurposed spaces
By Lucy Burningham

The serenity is palpable at Rich Earth, where Marna Herrington is passionate about using organic products... 

fresh! NW Portland


Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Spa
Awakening the Skin's Beauty, Relaxing the mind
By Rebecca Ragain

With her soothing demeanor and flawless skin, meeting Marna Herrington in person may be the best possible advertisement for her business.

At Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Spa, clients are immediately reminded that a spa appointment is a delight to be savored. From relaxing music to soft lighting, Herrington has taken every sense into account when outfitting her cozy treatment space. 



Rebuilding, Pebble by Pebble
By Bobby Gaither

On the corner of NW 23rd Avenue and Glisan there is an empty lot enclosed by wire fencing and caution tape. This is due to the gas leak explosion on October 19th that destroye the homes of several nearby businesses. At the time I write this, a little more tha7 weeks have passed since that fateful day, and unfortunately several affected business owners and their employees remain economic casualties, living without an income during the holiday season.