The basic skin care regimen

Follow this regimen unless otherwise directed by your skin care therapist or by the instructions on your skin care products.

Follow this order each AM and PM ~

  • remove make-up (if needed);

  • Cleanse;

  • Exfoliate (1 to 4 times per week or as often as needed);

  • apply Treatment Masque (if needed/desired, 1 to 4 times per week);

  • apply Spot Treatment (if needed/desired, apply a thin layer of a spot treatment to all blemishes. Allow a moment to penetrate before moving on to the next step);

  • mist on Toner, Hydrating Mist or Hydrosol;

  • apply Serum;

  • apply Eye Cream (if needed/desired);

  • apply Moisturizer;

  • add Facial Oil (if needed/desired, add 1 to 6 drops to your moisturizer application);

  • apply Sun Protection (apply as the final layer each AM);

  • apply Lip Balm (if needed/desired).


Why Purchase Skin Care Products From Rich Earth ~

Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio is an authorized account holder for each skin care line we carry. You are paying the lowest, ethical price for each product. We do not “price gouge” and we do not “mark up.” We sell only fresh, new, authentic products. We are fully educated in every skin care line we offer. We are invested in helping you find the very best skin care products for your specific skin care needs, not in selling as many products as we can at any cost.

How To Purchase Skin Care Products from Rich Earth ~

  • Skin care products may be purchased in person when you come to the Rich Earth Studio for your treatment;

  • You may also make an appointment to come in just to purchase skin care products;

  • You can also purchase skin care products directly from the Rich Earth website.

What To Know When Ordering Online ~

All online orders within the U.S., no matter how big or how small, are charged only a single, flat shipping rate of $5.00. We ship all orders within the United States by USPS Priority with tracking. Orders typically arrive to anywhere in the U.S. within 1 to 5 mailing days (although this is not guaranteed).

International online orders are charged only a single, flat rate of $38.00. International orders are typically sent via Priority mail with tracking, and arrive within 6 to 10 mailing days (although this is not guaranteed).

If a product you ordered is out of stock or back ordered, we will notify you immediately and mail your product to you as soon as we possibly can.

Love your beautiful skin.


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