AnteAGE Skin Care

Physiologically balanced mesenchymal stem cell technology… Your skin is going to love it.  Developed by physician scientists to be the most effective anti-aging skincare system available anywhere.

This fast and easy two-part system contains more active ingredients than any other product in the world. You no longer need a basketful of serums, creams, lotions and ointments to look your best. These actives have been proven by peer-reviewed studies to benefit skin, starting with cutting-edge human adult stem cell technology that provides the very same pro-healing, anti-inflammatory bio-signals our bodies produce in abundance when we are young. AnteAGE has harnessed the power of cytokines to rekindle your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and look more youthful.AnteAGE products have performed exceptionally well in clinical trials (resulting in reduced redness, reduced hyperpigmentation, reduced pore size, improved moisture and hydration levels, reduced fine lines, reduced deep wrinkles, and improved over-all tone, firmness, and color).All AnteAGE skin care products are paraben and fragrance free, free of all animal ingredients, are not tested on animals, and come in recyclable packaging.



The AnteAGE regimen ~

Each AM and PM:
  • Cleanse with a high-quality cleanser;
  • Apply AnteAGE Serum (allow about 30 seconds to absorb);
  • Apply AnteAGE Accelerator (allow about 30 seconds to absorb);
  • You may apply anything else over the top, although most people find they do not need additional moisturizers, etc.

  • Apply good quality sun protection as the final layer each AM.

AnteAGE was developed to help people look their beautiful best, no matter what their age.
— John Sanderson, MD, George E. Taylor, MD, Jonathan R.T. Lakey, PhD (developers of Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics and AnteAGE)