Body Care

Caring well for your entire body will ultimately show up (in a very positive way) in your complexion. Caring well for the skin across your whole body will help to keep it at it’s loveliest as well.

Lush, Botanical Body Wrap
This incomparable, full-body experience treats your body like a temple. Lush, aroma-therapeutic rituals immerse you in extraordinary relaxation and create a deep sense of calm. Holistic, ancient practices vitalize beautiful slimming and firming benefits...resulting in a rejuvenated body, an uplifted spirit, and sleek, seductively silky skin that smells divine.
approximately 90 minutes 

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Ultimate Lush, Botanical Body Wrap
This flat-out-ultimate rendition of the Lush Botanical Body Wrap offers everything in the original, with the addition of a vitalizing, firming, radiance-inducing treatment for your complexion. 
approximately 120 minutes

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Balancing Kansa Wand Treatment
Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic health and beauty practice that aspires to create balance in the mind/body system, which ultimately helps us to achieve our highest wellness and beauty. The Kansa Wand is an Ayurveda wellness tool used to encouraging relaxation in the physical body and restoration in the energetic body. In this treatment the Kansa Wand is massaged over a specific pattern of points…stimulating healthy circulation, encouraging detoxification, initiating the release of tension, and inviting your energetic body to come back into balance…all of which encourages your most vibrant skin to awaken.  The Kansa Wands used at Rich Earth are made by artisans that have practiced and perfected this craft and passed it down for five generations. This treatment cares for your feet, hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck, décolleté, scalp, and of course your entire face, to encourage a relaxed, peaceful glow throughout your whole being. 
approximately 90 minutes 

“The rounded kansa wand felt like it was melting over my feet, and the smooth rhythm of the treatment allowed me to just sink into the table and let go. It took me somewhere else and allowed me to gently relax. I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the treatment felt, and how that calm feeling stayed with me after.” ~G.P

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Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation
Marma points (“marma” loosely translates to “secret energy points”) is the Ayurvedic name for channels of energy that run through your body and connect to your skin.  Marma points are often described as the “gateway between your physical body and emotional body”. Your chakras are considered to be major marma points.  This Facial Rejuvenation treatment uses gentle, therapeutic touch to care for your marma points to help create ease throughout your entire body. On the whole, when your marma points are cared for, you feel replenished and peaceful, and this shows through in a gentle radiance. This Facial Rejuvenation treatment cares for your feet, hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck, décolleté, scalp, and of course your entire face, inviting your whole body to be at ease, which encourages your most luminous complexion to awaken. 
approximately 60 minutes


Timeless River Back Facial
Gentle, rocking massage strokes with a deeply relaxing rhythm lull you... and bring essential unwinding to your mind and body and vital replenishment to your skin. Each moment is a flowing ceremony of tranquil beauty rites; Your skin is purified, nourished, replenished, and left utterly renewed... The nape of your neck to the small of your back is left smooth, lustrous and glowing. 
approximately 40 minutes 

The body is a sacred garment.
— Martha Graham