Facial Oils

Facial oils are supremely effective for keeping your skin's vital moisture locked in where it belongs…within your skin, keeping it supple, glowing and velvet soft. Good quality facial oils are also  replete with skin-supportive nutrition as well. For best results, apply between 1 and 6 drops of a good facial oil to your moisturizer application, either daily or as often as needed. (In general, facial oils are typically not recommended for highly breakout prone skin or for skin highly prone to clogged pores.) 

Benedetta Precious Nourishing Oil Geranium.jpg

Precious Nourishing Oil Geranium

Anti-oxidant rich, this intensive oil treatment improves your skin's ability to protect itself against free radical damage, as well as helps to normalize oil production in oilier and combination skin types...

Benedetta Precious Nourishing Oil Palmarosa.jpg

Precious Nourishing Oil Palmarosa

The nutrients in this blend are easily transported through the skin's layers and have a much greater effect than a moisturizer alone, making this oil a perfect wrinkle prevention treatment in normal to dry skin types...


Ombra Del Sole Defense & Repair Oil

This rich, antioxidant blend of botanical oils is specifically chosen to achieve an unsurpassed synergy for renewing the skin where it counts – at the cellular level…

Epicuren Bulgarian Rose Otto.jpg

Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil

Exotic Bulgarian rose oil moisturizes without clogging pores and is a superior humectant. It creates a dewier, deeply hydrated, richly moisturized, velvet- soft complexion...