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Rich Earth Philosophy

Caring in an intelligent way for our physical beauty not only awakens a luminous complexion, it can illuminate our internal beauty as well. When we light up the truest, brightest parts of ourselves, we can share this brightness with those around us… and it can continue to glow.

Sharing this Rich Earth

One vital part of Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio is that it is an active, beneficial part of our community, and of our greater world. Rich Earth Organic Skin Care Studio has joyfully donated to the following:


Business Practices~

Rich Earth works with Environmental Paper & Print for all printing needs and Pristine Greening for all cleaning needs.

All skin care products sold by Rich Earth come in recyclable packaging and are not tested on animals.


These women mixed the cement, carried loads on their shoulders, made the bricks. They built the City of Joy with their own hands, understanding, with each careful step, that making a world and living in the world are not separate.
— Eve Ensler