Organic skin care at Rich Earth does not mean “in fad” or “pricey”, it means unparalleled and uncompromised. It means I have actively sought out (and continue to seek) the most essential, exceptional, potent, health-inducing, beautifying products being created. The ingredients must be top notch, and come from high-quality sources. The chemistry of each product must be cutting-edge and state-of-the-art in order to work with the natural physiology of your skin. Each product must be able to illicit beneficial change in your complexion.

The skin care companies Rich Earth works with must practice responsible stewardship of us and of our world (such as sourcing sustainable, organic, biodynamic, or wild crafted ingredients from small, environmentally responsible farms as often as possible, or donating a portion of profits to organizations that support healthy ecosystems,  or using sound, peer reviewed studies to create skin care products that are reliably effective as well as safe, etc.,).   Skin care products offered at Rich Earth are not tested on animals and come in recyclable packaging. To peruse skin care products and to learn more about each product line click here.



The exact same facial is almost never given twice.  While the foundation of each facial does not change, the essential elements of your facial are guided by what your skin is asking for.  This includes cherry-picked products that offer the richest, deepest benefits and tailor-made treatments to rejuvenate and replenish your individual complexion. It is all guided entirely by what your skin is yearning for.

You are never left unattended during your treatments at Rich Earth. While your skin luxuriates in, and benefits from, having particular masques or treatments left on for a length of time, you are also receiving additional, beneficial treatments simultaneously (such as Reiki energy work or a scalp massage).  Each moment of your treatment is intuitively choreographed to invite deep relaxation and to encourage profound rejuvenation. To peruse treatment options click here.

For me, skin care rituals are a form of meditation — they keep me balanced. I am kind to my skin.
— Iman