Because when we care well for our bodies, it will absolutely show up (in a very good way!) in our complexions…

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The goal (of course!) is our most healthy, lovely complexions. What do we mean here, by “most healthy?” Skin that is softer, smoother, brighter, firmer, and more even-toned with a luminous glow (for starters!).  While directly caring for our faces is one vital part of how our most beautiful complexions are achieved, that alone is not the full picture (“caring for our faces” meaning: receiving quality facials and using effective skin care products regularly at home).

Treatments for our entire bodies are exceptionally nourishing on so many levels. (Did you know we have more than one body?! Physical and energetic just to start—more on that later).  Stimulating circulation throughout your entire body increases oxygen and nutrition intake. This boosted infusion helps everything, everywhere: body, skin…and most importantly, your facial skin. At the end of the day, stimulating circulation through your entire body is like giving yourself a giant, magical vitamin. This vitamin is potent: complete, health-and-youth-giving…and it gets even better. Body treatments allow our sympathetic nervous systems to relax, so our “parasympathetic nervous systems” can oversee our care for a while. (Our parasympathetic nervous system is the part of us that helps with restful, healing sleep and tranquil, nourishing restoration. Our sympathetic nervous system does the opposite—it is responsible for “stress” responses in our bodies, such as an increased heart rate and inhibited digestion. It’s quite lovely when we can encourage our bodies to relax enough to allow the replenishing care of the parasympathetic nervous system to take care of us for awhile.) Even though this might seem obvious, I really want to connect the dots for us: a rested, relaxed, peaceful face looks significantly more vibrant than a tense, stressed, anxious one. (Calm Down and Drop 5 Years? Our new bumper sticker!)


Another benefit of high-quality body treatments? Healthy lymphatic flow is promoted throughout your entire body, removing excess gunk that weighs you down (stuff like excess fluid, cellular waste, microbes, bacteria, viruses, pollutants, toxins, and other refuse we are much better off without!). These toxins get removed by the Lymph Obligatory Load (LOL). This simply means that what our bodies do not need and do not get rid of through other means will get picked up and processed by our lymph system. (A fun science note here: our lymph system has no pump of it’s own…so lymph fluid gets moved around by the motion of our bodies and specific massage techniques!) Our lymph system can be supported through Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)—a massage using very specific strokes, going in specific directions. When done correctly, MLD can help to reduce puffiness, bags and all sorts of inflammatory congestion. MLD also supports our immune systems…and our complexions look oh-so-much better when we are residing in tranquil, radiant health as opposed to being weighed down by illness. 


Now, I’m getting a bit woo-woo here: there’s a deeper benefit that occurs when your entire body is cradled, nurtured, cared for, stilled, calmed, allowed to relax… and provided the space to simply “be.” Each of us has something called an “energetic body.”  This body has layers of energy or “subtle bodies” that create an interconnected field of energy around our physical bodies. The energy body is associated with emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health. This energetic body connects to your physical body through energy points called chakras (many of you already know that word!), which direct this energy into your physical body by way of a meridian system.  (A meridian system can be thought of as pathways for your life energy to flow through your body.)  Awakening this healthy flow between your energetic body and physical body can help illuminate your complexion with your own innate, radiant light.

Here is an oasis of Rich Earth body treatments…each one nurtures your physical and energy bodies, and ultimately helps to bring out your most alive and glowing complexion~


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Balancing Kansa Wand Treatment~

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic health and beauty philosophy that originated in India. This philosophy seeks to help us achieve our highest wellness and beauty, by creating balance in the mind/body system. (Ayurveda believes this balance profoundly impacts how a person both feels and looks—we agree!) The Kansa Wand is an Ayurveda wellness tool (“kansa” is an Indian word for the blend of metals we call bronze…and bronze in Ayurveda is considered to be a strong healing material). The Kansa Wands used at Rich Earth are made in India by artisans that have practiced this craft and passed it down for five generations. The Kansa Wand, when massaged over a specific pattern of points, encourages your most vibrant skin to awaken. Healthy circulation is stimulated, detoxification is encouraged, and the release of tension is initiated. (Don’t underestimate the power of unchecked tension! Especially chronic facial tension, as it can hasten the weakening of collagen and elastin…leading to lines and wrinkles showing up more quickly or more severely than they should.) This treatment cares for your feet, hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck, décolleté, scalp, and of course your entire face,  to encourage a relaxed, peaceful glow throughout your whole being.   

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Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation~

“Marma points” are the Ayurvedic name for channels of energy that run through our bodies and connect to our skin. (“Marma” loosely translates to “secret energy points.”) These points are often described as the gateway between our physical and emotional bodies.  (To help us get oriented in the energy world, it’s helpful to note that major marma points are chakras.) Our marma points have very close connections to our lymphatic, circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems, and can be thought of as an “intelligence network” that keeps our bodies in touch with ourselves and our needs. Marma points can close down because of stress, physical trauma, environmental pollution and body pollution (example: unhealthy diet ). According to this ancient Indian philosophy, when you’re feeling “closed down” or “out of touch with yourself,” this is because your marma points have closed down. Gratefully, marma points can be encouraged to re-open through nurturing care such as gentle, therapeutic touch. (This nurturing touch is what makes the Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation treatment so exquisite- it feels wonderful but is also deeply beneficial). The re-opening of marma points encourages your skin to care well for itself. When your marma points are open, the network that communicates your skin’s needs to your body (and your body’s needs to your skin!) are open and flowing. This state of being encourages skin that is well balanced and looking its best. On the whole, when our marma points are open…we have an inner sense of peace and contentment that shows in a gentle radiance. This treatment cares for your feet, hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck, décolleté, scalp, and of course your entire face. Your whole body is invited to relax and restore, which encourages your most luminous complexion to awaken.

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 Lush Botanical Body Wrap and

Ultimate Lush Botanical Body Wrap~

This holistic treatment begins with dry brushing – the healing art that is rooted in traditional wellness rituals both in Europe and Asia (think: Finnish sauna and spa rituals, and traditional Japanese wellness practices). Dry brushing has been a cornerstone of essential spa treatments all over the world for decades, with very good reason! Dry bushing your entire body supports a wonderful list of results: smoother, velvety-soft skin (achieved through brushing away dead, hardened skin cells and gently stimulating your skin’s own natural oil production); stimulating circulation (bringing beneficial oxygen and nutrition to your skin); healthy lymphatic flow (supporting your body to move out toxins and excess fluid—which can help to relieve puffy skin!) and calming your nervous system (by gently stimulating the nerves beneath the skin…which encourages a calming effect and reduces stress hormone production). In this wrap, you experience the deeply calming sensation of being “cocooned”…your entire body is gently held in a warm, aromatherapeutic wrap, and this lovely warmth increases the penetration of deeply beneficial oils smoothed onto your skin before wrapping. Both the warmth and the oils support healthy circulation. (A list of the gorgeous oils? Organic coffee bean oil, organic lemon oil, organic cinnamon bark oil, organic grapeseed oil…all chosen for their highly beneficial properties.)  Your entire body is cared for in this restorative, whole body rejuvenating treatment…which ultimately encourages a newly refreshed, enlivened complexion. (The Ultimate Lush Botanical Body Wrap includes a specific rejuvenating treatment just for your face, and this is a beautiful way to increase and maximize the benefits for your complexion.)

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Our faces are most definitely connected to our bodies, and the care we give to our bodies can provide an essential backbone for looking and feeling really good- our best, even.

May you find healthy, reliable ways to care for your entire body- both physical and energetic. This world asks a lot of each one of us- life can feel like a continual rain of challenges and tasks to work through: one summons is met, then another rises.  Rich Earth is honored to offer several beautiful ways in which you can support your entire being while you travel your path. May you cultivate some sacred peace along your journey, and may you ignite your own smoldering radiance to catch flame and glow.

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