ilike Sulphuric Exfoliator

ilike Sulphuric Exfoliator


Gentle, exfoliating mask of zinc, sulphur and peppermint. Calms and heals breakouts. Gently clarifies and balances while helping to smooth and soften your skin. Leaves your complexion calmed and restored.  
1.7 ounces

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Who is this product for?
This mask is especially lovely for:
• sensitive skin
• sensitive, breakout-prone skin
• breakout-prone skin that is either oily or dehydrated

Tips for getting the most out of this product:
After removing make-up and cleansing, apply a thin layer of mask over your entire face (applying mask on dry skin works best). Leave the mask on until it is completely dry (at least 10 minutes- longer if you wish). Rinse fully clean with luke-warm to cool water. This mask should be used 1 to 4 times per week (or more often, depending on the needs of your skin). As this mask is very gentle, it can also be used in addition to another exfoliating product, such as a scrub or exfoliating powder, if desired.

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Ingredients: peppermint oil, corn germ oil (extracted from the nutrient-rich germ), honey, zinc oxide, zinc sulphate (zinc salt), sulphur (naturally occurring mineral) , vitamins B, C and E, aqua (water), glycerin, mel (honey), titanium dioxide (naturally occurring mineral), zea mays (corn), xanthan gum (produced by fermentation of sugar), methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (plant derived amino acid), silica (natural mineral) , sodium salicylate (salt of salicylic acid, derived from willow tree bark), citric acid (naturally occurring citrus fruit acid), mentha piperita (blend of watermint and spearmint), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C), potassium sorbate (potassium salt of sorbic acid), sodium benzoate (salt derived from cranberries, prunes, apples, plums, cloves, and cinnamon)

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