Isun Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant

Isun Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant


This potent, extremely effective scrub is made entirely of Moroccan rhassoul from mineral rich, ancient clay beds and finely ground siliceous earth crystals from the ocean floor. This powder blends beautifully with pure water and any Rich Earth cleanser to make a refining, polishing scrub that leaves skin incredibly smooth.
3.5 ounces

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What kind of skin is this product for?
Very good for most all non-sensitive skin types, but especially good for:
• skin with fine lines (either oily, normal or dry non-sensitive skin with fine lines)
• normal skin

Tips for getting the most out of this product:
After removing make-up and cleansing skin, add a small amount of exfoliating powder to a few pumps of any Rich Earth cleanser. Gently massage this blend over damp skin for about a minute. (Do not scrub over inflamed skin.) The secret to this silky, smooth, skin polish is to add enough water and cleanser to the exfoliating powder to make a slippery liquid. If the powder “balls up”, simply add more water or cleanser. If the mixture does not provide enough exfoliation, add more exfoliating powder. Use 1 to 4 times per week (or more often, depending on the needs of your skin).

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Ingredients: Morocan rhassoul clay, siliceous earth (ocean floor earth)

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