Treatment Masques

Treatment masques can deepen the health of your skin.  They can help to improve everything from hydration and elasticity to encouraging a softer, more luminous complexion. Masques offer a very simple way to provide your skin with a concentrated dose of nourishment.  Treatment masques will provide the greatest benefit to your skin if used regularly after cleansing and exfoliating, usually somewhere between 1 and 4 times per week (or more often as needed).   

Isun Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Seaweed Mask.jpg

 Detox Seaweed Mask

This beautiful blend of organic spirulina, seaweeds and biodynamic lavender hydrosol is incomparable...

ilike Apple and Lemon Masque.jpg

Apple and Lemon Masque

Refreshing, brightening and hydrating, this potent masque is a lovely support source when it comes to healing well from breakouts...

ilike Sour Cherry Gel Masque.jpg

Sour Cherry Gel Masque

Brilliantly concocted from potent, anti-oxidant-rich sour cherries, this gorgeous masque brings essential nourishment and hydration to your skin while combating the damaging, aging effects of free radicals...

ilike Hyaluronic Gel Mask.jpg

Hyaluronic Gel Masque

This lush, gel masque richly hydrates, minimizes fine lines and encourages replenished, velvet-soft skin…


Pearl Radiance Mask

Beautifully enlivening, this mask helps to improve over-all skin tone and pallor by balancing out discoloration and combating dullness...


Soothing Relief Mask

This anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, deeply quenching salve can relieve and calm sensitivity and satiate dryness like nobody’s business...