Soothing Relief Mask

Soothing Relief Mask


This anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, deeply quenching salve can relieve peeling, flaky skin, calm sensitivity, and satiate dryness like nobody’s business.  This mask encourages supple, soothed, lusciously soft, glowing skin. (Did we mention it also smells heavenly?) 

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Who is this product for?
This mask is exceptional for:
• Dry skin
• Dry, sensitive skin
• Dry, chapped skin
• Dry, mature skin

Tips to get the most out of this product:
After removing make-up, cleansing and exfoliating (if needed), apply a layer of mask to damp skin and leave on for 20-60 minutes. (Mask may be worn in the bath or shower if desired.) Lightly rinse. Apply one to seven times per week, depending on the needs of your skin. A small amount of this mask can also be added to a daily and nightly moisturizer for consistent, deeply quenching benefits.

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Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil; Aloe-Herb Infusion (Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Life Everlasting, Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Neem, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Gotu Kola, Plantain, Comfrey Leaves); Rose Distillate; Aloe Vera Butter; Beta Glucan (Oat derived); Vegetable Glycerin, Cucumber Distillate; Beeswax; Aspen Bark Extract; Vitamin E; Hyaluronic Acid; Xanthum Gum, Rosemary Oleoresin

Please see the skin care product packaging to ensure the most up to date and accurate ingredient list.