Stonecrop Whipped Moisturizer

Stonecrop Whipped Moisturizer


Refreshing and regenerating. Over time the potent ingredients (such as stonecrop and vitamin C) begin to brighten discoloration and hyperpigmentation, as well as help to prevent future discoloration from forming.  Bioflavonoids protect against free radical damage while your skin is replenished and balanced with light, refreshing moisture.  This helps to bring out your most healthy and bright complexion. 
1.7 ounces

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What type of skin is this product for?
Wonderful for many skin types, but especially good for:
• Normal, combination, mildly oily and mildly dehydrated skin types prone to hyperpigmentation If drier skin types prone to hyperpigmentation use this moisturizer, an appropriate facial oil can be added if needed

Tips for getting the most out of this product:Apply directly following your serum application. (Drier skin types can add a few drops of an appropriate facial oil to this moisturizer application if needed.) This product will lighten hyperpigmentation more effectively when used consistently, and in conjunction with other products designed to lighten hyperpigmentation. A good sun protection product applied as the final layer every AM is always recommended, and is particularly essential when actively using products that lighten hyperpigmentation.

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Ingredients:  Stonecrop (succulent plant), Yarrow (flowering plant), Corn Germ Oil (from the nutrient-rich germ), Vitamins C and E, Kaempferol (phyto-nutrient), Bioflavonoids (plant sourced nutrients), Formic Acid (from unripe fruit), Citric Acids (from citrus fruits), Malic Acid (from apples), Malonic Acid (crystalline form of malic acid), Free Amino Acids (purest form of amino acids), Phenol Carbonic Acids (water soluble acid from fruit), Pectins (from ripe fruit), Tannins (antioxidants from plants), Lignans (from flax seeds), Chlorophyll (from plants and algae), Mineral Salts, Trace Elements,  Aqua (water), Sempervivum Tectorum (evergreen succulent plant), Glycerin, Achillea Millefolium (flowering yarrow plant),  Zea Mays Oil (corn oil from the nutrient rich germ), Cetyl Alcohol (fatty alcohol that helps draw moisture into the skin), Stearic Acid (plant derived fatty acid), Arachidyl Alcohol (waxy, emollient fatty alcohol), Behenyl Alcohol (plant sourced fatty alcohol), Arachidyl Glucoside (a blend of arachidyl alcohol and glucose), Potassium Sorbate (salt of sorbic acid), Sodium Benzoate (sodium salt that occurs naturally in plums, berries and apples), Benzyl Alcohol (naturally occurring fruit alcohol), Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (surfactant made from coconut and corn glucose), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate (fat soluble form of vitamin C), Xanthan Gum (derived from the sugar of corn) , Citric Acid (from citrus fruits), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (stabilized vitamin C)

(Please see the skin care product packaging to ensure the most up to date and accurate ingredient list.)