Stonecrop Toner

Stonecrop Toner


Refreshing, hydrating mist that encourages refined pores as well as a bright, even skin tone. Replete with stonecrop and vitamin C (potent ingredients for brightening dark spots), as well as aloe, bioflavonoids and chlorophyll (all deeply hydrating and healing ingredients).  This gentle, calming, balancing toner is wonderfully refreshing as well as alcohol-free.
4.2 ounces

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What kind of skin is this product for?
Ideal for nearly all skin types, but especially good for:
• Skin prone to dark spots/hyperpigmentation
• Break-out prone skin
• Combination skin
• Skin that is both dehydrated and oily
• Normal skin

Tips to get the most out of this product:
Mist generously over clean, bare skin before applying a serum, facial oil or moisturizer. Apply both daily and nightly. To most efficiently help dark spots to lighten as well as to help prevent them, this toner should be used in conjunction with other skin care products that are designed to help hyperpigmentation to heal.

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Ingredients: stonecrop (succulent plant), aloe, citric acids (naturally occurring citrus fruit acid), malic acid (naturally occurring fruit acid from apples), malonic acid (crystalline form of malic acid), free amino acids (amino acids in the purest form), phenol carbonic acids (compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen), vitamin C, bioflavonoids (form of antioxidants found abundantly in plants, fruits and vegetables), pectins (polysaccharide naturally present in ripe fruits), proteolitic enzymes (naturally present in papaya and pineapple), lignin (naturally occurring in the cell walls of plants) , polysaccharides (sugar), carotenoids (phyto-nutrients with strong antioxidant capability), chlorophyll (naturally occurring in plants and algae), plant protein, mineral salts, trace elements, aqua (water), sempervivum tectorum (species of flowering plant), aloe arborescens (succulent plant), glycerin, sodium benzoate (sodium salt that occurs naturally in plums, berries and apples),  potassium sorbate (salt of sorbic acid), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilized vitamin C), coco-glucoside (natural, mild surfactant), sodium cocoyl glutamate (surfactant made from coconut and corn glucose), citric acid (from citrus fruits)

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