Emerald Sun Hydrosol

Emerald Sun Hydrosol


This is a powerful, alchemic blend that accelerates cell communication and energy, while lushly hydrating and nourishing your skin. Pure neroli distillate and enriched mountain spring water are blended with soothing, rejuvenating blue green algae, phytoplankton, antioxidant-rich, collagen-supporting alpine herbs, and deeply hydrating sodium hyaluronate. Your skin is a living, breathing organ capable of repair and regeneration when embraced by this wisely-crafted environment of hydration, oxygen and specific, abundant nutrition.

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What type of skin is this product for?
This product is beneficial for nearly all skin types, but is especially useful for:
• Age-prevention (in dry, dehydrated, normal and combination skin types)

Tips to get the most out of this product:
Apply over clean, bare skin before applying a serum, facial oil or moisturizer. Apply both daily and nightly.

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Ingredients: Neroli distillate; Spring water (high altitude source, rich in Ormus); Beta Glucan (Oat); Duniela salina algae extract; Aloe vera gel; Silica; Buddleja extract; Edelweiss extract; Vegetable glycerin; Phytoplankton enzyme extract; Rose distillate; Aspen bark extract; Goji berry extract; Hyaluronic acid; Neroli oil

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