Toners, Hydrosols and Hydrating Mists

The liquid, light-weight nature of Toners, Hydrosols and Hydrating Mists allows them to penetrate easily and rapidly, which makes them an especially effective way to infuse your skin with beneficial ingredients.  (Skin supportive minerals, botanical acids, vitamins and antioxidants will readily absorb.)  Toners, Hydrosols and Hydrating Mists can also provide your skin with quenching, water-rich replenishment. (Good ones will never leave your skin feeling tight or dry.) Finally, applying a Toner, Hydrosol or Hydrating Mist to your skin before applying your serum, moisturizer or facial oil will enhance your skin’s permeability (so will increase the absorption of all your following skin care products).  Simply, when your skin is first moistened with a Toner, Hydrosol or Hydrating Mist, your skin can then absorb your following skin care products much more readily. 

ilike Stonecrop Toner.jpg

Stonecrop Toner

Refreshing, hydrating mist that encourages refined pores as well as a bright, even skin tone...

Benedetta Crystal Radiance Elixir Ylang Ylang.jpg

Crystal Radiance Elixir Ylang Ylang

This elixir mist has an amazing ability to balance, deeply hydrate and rejuvenate oily, combination and sensitive skin...

Benedetta Crystal Radiance Elixir Rosemary Verbenone.jpg

Crystal Radiance Elixir Rosemary Verbenone

Rosemary verbenone contains no camphor and is found to be very regenerative. This elixir mist is especially beneficial for a wide range of normal skin types...

Benedetta Crystal Radiance Elixir Neroli.jpg

Rose Cucumber Mist

Refreshing, cooling, calming, nutrient-rich and hydrating, this soothing mist infused with cucumber, rose, aloe vera, and aspen bark extract provides gentle, nurturing support for your skin... 

Crystal Radiance Elixir Neroli

This delicately floral Tunisian neroli is exceptionally calming as well as deeply moisturizing, making this elixir mist indispensable for many dry and sensitive skin conditions...

Emerald Sun Hydrosol

This is a powerful, alchemic blend that accelerates cell communication and energy (providing age preventative support), while lushly hydrating and nourishing your skin...