The basic skin care regimen

(follow this regimen unless otherwise directed by your skin care therapist or by the instructions on your skin care products):

Follow each AM and PM~

• Remove make-up if needed;
• Cleanse;
• Exfoliate (1 to 4 times per week or as needed);
• apply Treatment Masque (if needed/desired,  1 to 4 times per week);
• apply Spot Treatment (if needed/desired, apply a thin layer of a spot treatment to all blemishes. Allow a moment to penetrate before moving on to the next step);
• apply Toner, hydrating Mist or Hydrosol;
• apply Serum;
• apply Eye Cream (if needed/desired);
• apply Moisturizer;
• add Facial Oil (if needed/desired, add 1 to 6 drops to your moisturizer application);
• apply Sun Protection (apply as the final layer each AM);
• apply Lip Balm (if needed/desired)


Make-Up Removers & Cleansers
Exfoliating Products   
Treatment Masques    
Spot Treatment
Toners/Hydrating Mists/Hydrosols   
Eye Creams                
Facial Oils                                          
Sun Protection            
Lip Balms